Otis Manis Jr., President

otis-manisOtis was born in Kingsport, Tennessee, but grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. His parents moved to Cleveland when he was 2 years old. His father came to Cleveland and found work in the auto industry. While working there, he also had a secondary business/hobby of working on cars. At 6 years old Otis began working with him, learning to do body work, painting, and mechanical repairs on automobiles. This is where his mechanical skills and aptitudes began to develop. As a young man, his father-in-law encouraged Otis to join the company he worked for as a salesman. That company was an industrial distributor of rubber and plastics in northern Ohio. There Otis worked his way from the warehouse, through the office and into outside sales.

In 1981, Otis, along with some partners opened North American Seal and Supply. From the beginning the focus has been about providing value to our customers. Otis derives a great deal of satisfaction in taking any product that we work with and helping a customer apply it to solve problems. He is proud that we are known as problem solvers in our industry. He also learned over the years that you need good people supporting you in your efforts to be successful and we have that combination at NASS.

Phone: (216) 831-6210

Email: manis1@northamericanseal.com