Our Products

Seals and Packings

O-rings and high performance sealing solutions suitable for almost any application.

Hose Assemblies

Whether hydraulic, pneumatic, air, water or chemical we can help meet your requirements.


We provide prototype or production of non-metallic materials to your exacting specifications.

Rubber and Plastic Products

Prototype or production of molded, extruded, fabricated or assembled products.

High Temperature Materials

We are distributors and fabricators of 3M Nextel Fiber products and Zoltek Pyron Pan Fiber products.


Full line Nitta Belt distributor. We offer solutions for flat belt, mechanical transmission as well as conveying products to their destination.

Our Services


The Assembly capabilities at NASS are adaptive to our customer's requirements.

Design & Prototyping

Both Design and Prototyping services are offered to help get your concept to the market place.

Pressure Testing

We provide in-house low and high pressure testing services and certify hose assemblies.


NASS can design/provide Inspection procedures and certify to inspection results.

Color Coding

NASS offers color coding services for O ring Seals, Die Cut Gaskets or any other product.


We can package and identify products for any purpose.

Die Cutting

NASS die cuts most non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastic, and gasket sheet materials.


Unique part kits can be supplied using any of the various products NASS offers.